About MB Barbell company

Our company specializes in equipment for the gym and working with weights. The history of the company has more than 25 years. And at the range of products manufactured by the company there are more than 300 different articles for exercising with weights. Extensive experience in the production of sports equipment allows us to guarantee high quality of products. The equipment has good biomechanics and thoughtful design.

Recently, in the range of our products appeared a new trend: outdoor fitness. A distinctive feature of our equipment is that the user may vary the load of exercising. Such a feature has no one else in the world. It is our know-how. Thus the number of users of our equipment is expanded by professional athletes and enthusiasts with sports background. As at this moment, outdoor fitness equipment is of interest only to those who are not willing or able to increase the load in the exercises. Our equipment may attract the attention of teens, young, middle-aged people with active lifestyles.

The way of load variation

Variation of the load is traditional for sports equipment way: adding of weight plates.In our case it is traditional weight plates for barbell. But our weights cannot be completely removed from the equipment. They are securely attached to the equipment. It protects equipment from vandalism and loss of weight plates. Our equipment allows you to change the load in increments of 2.5 kg. This increment is characteristic for professional equipment.